Williams Race Course

Williams, AZ

Williams, AZ

The course’s average elevation is 7000 feet. It starts out heading north then gradually turns west and crosses over 4th street and towards the singeltrack climb up Bill Williams mountain. It is a pretty smooth gradual climb until you hit the swtichbacks near the top. Then it gets pretty steep. The climb is beautiful as the singletrack snakes it way through the forest and some beautiful fern areas. The climb ends and comes out onto a fireroad. Take the fireroad downhill hitting speeds of 30+ MPH. Make sure to stop and take in the view from up there. It then turns off to the right down into some fast, loose, rocky singeltrack. This turn is hard to see if it is not marked. It should be about 3 or 4 miles from where you started on the fireroad. I don’t know if it is marked when the race is not there. This section continues on some singletrack and doubletrack until it dumps you out on a fire road. Follow this fire road east and just as you cross the cattle gaurd turn left onto the singletrack. This singletrack will lead you to cross 4th street again. Follow the doubletrack across 4th street up and over some hills. This is a pretty rocky climb. Then you will hit a fast downhill singletrack section that will lead you to another fireroad. Turn left onto the fireroad and follow the fireroad until there is a doubetrack to your right. Follow this up and then down to back to where you started.

From Phoenix take I-17 north to I-40. Take I-40 west 30 miles to exit 165. Turn south (left) at 4th street in town. Follow 4 miles to Dogtown Lake Rd. (#140) turnoff. Turn left (east) 1.5 miles.

Skill: Beginner
Effort: Moderate
Type: Loop/Singletrack
Season: Summer
Mileage: 10

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