Trail 100 – Phoenix Mountain Preserve Mountain Bike Ride

Our Wednesday mountain bike was at Trail 100 this week. Tysen, Ramon and I started our ride at 6:15. The temperature wasn’t that bad, but the humidity was high. The monsoons were all around us, but never quite reaching us. We started at the parking lot on 40th and Shea, leaving the parking lot to the south. Tysen started out at a blistering pace. Ramon and I were suffering while trying to stay on his wheel. Both of us were thinking to ourselves, “Has he been secretly training?”, but it didn’t last too long. He cracked on a climb about 3 miles in on Trail 8. We followed Trail 8 to Perl Charles 1A, to Black Diamond to Rush Hour. We hardly ever stayed on the main Trail 100. It was a really good, fast ride. The route I choose really mixed things up compare to our usual ride.

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An Arizona native, Jeff has been mountain biking and racing since 1997. A father of 2 awesome children Ryder and Skylar. He is the owner of Excelnet Media, an Internet Marketing company.


  1. Bradley C. Roberson says:

    This sounds like an awesome ride. I’m going to be in Phoenix in August. I’ll be coming from Anchorage, AK though and want to know what local shops/ride-guides I should be getting in touch with?

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  2. new to area wouldnt be afraid to show up for a group ride, i like to ride 2-3 times a week 10-12 mile rides. i preferr snow spikes but would get my tubeless up to az pressure. thanks pete

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