Things you might not know about Mountain Biking

Riding a bike has been a major part of our childhood’s for as long as anyone can remember. You will always remember the first time you rode one, the first time you managed to ride on two wheels without assistance, and the bumps and bruises it took to get there. Then the mountain bike came along and enhanced our experience of the bicycle forever.

Whether you are thinking of doing something more physical than playing on partypoker de or watching re-runs of Scrubs, or perhaps you are just curious, it never hurts to learn a few interesting facts. Let us see how much you know about the sport.

– The history of mountain biking dates way back to 1970 in California USA. The origin of mountain biking can be traced to Mount Tamalpais, where the founders of the sport: Gary Fisher, Joe Breeze, Charlie Cunningham, Tom Richie and Keith Bontrager started it all.

– Original mountain bikes were not designed to ride uphill. Coaster brakes on converted bikes made the original prototypes useful for downhill riding only. Bikes had to be transported up to the tallest point, so they could ride downhill.

– The first ever mountain biking event was won by Netherlands native, Bart Jen Brentjens. It was at the Atlanta Olympics.

– The longest ever mountain bike race in the world, was between Canada and Mexico. The ride was 2700 miles over the continental divide in the Rocky Mountains.

– There are several variations of the sport. They are: winter downhill, free ride, cross country, extreme and endurance. Each type requires different skills, and offers varying experiences. They all have one thing in common though. The adrenaline rush.

– The World’s highest mountain bike race is the Trans Himalayan Challenge. It takes place in the Tibetan area of Mount Everest. The race has an altitude of 17,160ft, and is the most dangerous race a mountain biker can participate in.

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