The Addiction

© May, 2003 Scott Reading (all rights reserved)
The author hammering the trail at Sea Otter

Cycling poetry from Scott Reading

The Addiction

Gravity provides

Both the challenge and the fun

Relaxation comes from

Blue sky, cactus and the sun.

Exertion and sweat

Are invested in the climb

But after going up

Comes a descent so sublime!

Twists and turns

Rocks and rills

Cliffs and jumps

Mountains and hills.

No problems and deadlines

Customers totally mad

No crying and complaining

Nor employees so sad.

No bills and responsibility

Diapers and grass

No homework, chauffeuring

Backtalk and sass.

Wind pounding your face

Blood pounding in your ears

Lungs burning for oxygen

Adrenaline calming your fears

Terrifying risk

Of falling into a hole

Calm serenity

Therapeutic to the soul.

All-consuming addictive

An infusion of joy

A recollection of happiness

I felt as a boy.

Not merely a hobby

To combat a little strife

But a divine lesson

On the purpose of life.

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