Desert Classic Mountain Bike Ride

Tysen and I went for a mountain bike ride about 6:15pm out at Desert Classic. It was really hot! We started out strong, but the heat got to us at about 6 miles into the ride. We both need to get acclimatized to the heat. It usually takes 2 or 3 rides in the heat for it not to effect you too much. The arriving monsoon really helped out late in the ride. It cooled… Read More »

First Mountain Bike Night Ride of the Summer

It’s that time of year. It is getting too hot to ride any time except early in the morning or at night. Since, I’m not a morning person, I’ll be doing a lot of night riding. So, I charged up the helmet light and headed to South Mountain to ride the Desert Classic trail with Ramon. Since, I am training for the upcoming Barn Burner, I wanted to get some miles in with some climbing….. Read More »

Alta Trail – South Mountain Park

I have never ridden the Alta Trail at South Mountain. See below for others comments and reviews.

Bajada Trail – South Mountain Park

See below for others comments and reviews.

Telegraph Pass Trail – South Mountain Park

Another trail for you “freerider” full suspension bikers. It’s a short 1.5 mile trail from top to bottom strewn with big dropoffs, loose rocks and hairpin turns. Very fun! Once you get to the bottom it is 8 miles to the Pima Canyon parking lot on Desert Classic trail (see description above). This trail is a little tough to get to. You can park at Dobbins lookout and ride the paved road down to it… Read More »

Mormon/National Trails – South Mountain Park

South Mountain Park in Phoenix, Arizona is the largest municipal park in the world. Located in the south end of the valley, it is one of the city’s favorite recreational areas. Many of the trails below can be combined for making a loop or longer rides. Mormon/National trail is one of my favorite trails in the valley. If your looking for a gnarly downhill or tough climb, this is a great, but difficult trail. There… Read More »

Desert Classic Trail – South Mountain Park

A fun 18 mile out and back trail on the south side of South Mountain. This fast and rolling singletrack is for any skill of rider. The easy to modrate riding is mostly singletrack with rocky sections, short climbs and sand washes. On your way out, South Mountain will be on your right while the Chandler suburbs will be to your left. There are many other trails branching off to get sidetracked, but the trail… Read More »

Corona Loma Trail – South Mountain Park

Yet, another ride for the full suspension riders. This trail is steep with high cliffs over the side of the trail. Big dropoffs, loose rocks, and deep ruts will give you a challenge down this one. I don’t recommend trying to ride up it. There is some very difficult climbing before the downhill starts. Directions: This one is not on the map, but it is there. You need to get to Buena Vista parking lot… Read More »

Javalina Canyon Trail – South Mountain

Great downhill ride! Almost all downhill. There are a couple of climbs to get back to the Pima Canyon Parking lot. I usually take the fire road up to the top of the trailhead and ride down from there.

Holbert Trail – South Mountain

Dawn your crash pads and full boinger for this one. This one is usually only shuttled, unless you want to hike back up the mountain 2 miles. Probably the most technical trail on South Mountain, Chris broke his hand and another friend broke an arm on this one. Get ready for huge drop offs, loose rocks and switchbacks with an abyss awaiting your mistakes. As always on South Mountain, watch out for hikers! Directions: Central… Read More »