Flagstaff Barn Burner Pre-Ride

I drove up to Flagstaff this morning to pre-ride the Barn Burner mountain bike race course. The Barn Burner is a 104 mile mountain bike race with 4 laps of 26 miles. You have a choice of a 4 man team, 2 man team or solo. I am going to race a 2 man team with my friend Tysen. The organizers allowed this one pre-ride of the race course only, to limit the impact to… Read More »

The 2010 Whiskey Off-Road – The hardest 28 miles!

About 900 mountain bikers showed up to test their skill and endurance at the seventh annual Whiskey Off-Road this weekend in Prescott, AZ. The weather was absolutely perfect. Competitors have a choice of riding a 15 mile course, 25 mile course (my Garmin shows it is actually 28.4 miles) and 50 mile course. Of course I chose to ride the 25 mile course. 50 miles is just sadistic considering the amount of climbing. Maybe someday… Read More »

Epic Pemberton Mountain Bike Ride

I set off to get a good mountain bike training ride in for the Whiskey Off-Road Race today out at Pemberton Trail in the McDowell Mountain Regional Park. I accomplished that, but was in for a much longer day than I had expected. My first lap of the 15.4 mile loop started off great. I stopped a few times to take some photos of the spring flowers, so my time doesn’t reflect a fast lap,… Read More »

Six Reasons You Should Do a Big Ride

© December, 2001 Stephen W. Medcroft (all rights reserved) A version of this article first appeared in Cycle California! Magazine in 2002. Do you remember where you were Saturday, October 6th 2001? Or a better question might be; why weren’t you with the 110 other cyclists on the starting line of the 2001 California Coast Classic in San Francisco? Maybe I’m not asking a fair question. I mean, what self-declared cyclist wouldn’t want a fully-supported… Read More »