Desert Classic Mountain Bike Ride

Tysen and I went for a mountain bike ride about 6:15pm out at Desert Classic. It was really hot! We started out strong, but the heat got to us at about 6 miles into the ride. We both need to get acclimatized to the heat. It usually takes 2 or 3 rides in the heat for it not to effect you too much. The arriving monsoon really helped out late in the ride. It cooled… Read More »

First Mountain Bike Night Ride of the Summer

It’s that time of year. It is getting too hot to ride any time except early in the morning or at night. Since, I’m not a morning person, I’ll be doing a lot of night riding. So, I charged up the helmet light and headed to South Mountain to ride the Desert Classic trail with Ramon. Since, I am training for the upcoming Barn Burner, I wanted to get some miles in with some climbing….. Read More »

Desert Classic Ride – South Mountain

I had a nice ride on Desert Classic, South Mountain. I started at the Pima Canyon parking lot and rode to Telegraph Pass. I took Lower Corona Loma on the way out and the Double Secret Trail on the way back. One flat tire that tried to ruin my ride. My first official training ride for the Whiskey Off-Road race on April 24th, 2010.