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On the Arizona Trail: A Guide for Hikers, Cyclists, and Equestrians

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Biking the Arizona Trail: The Complete Guide to Day-Riding and Thru-Biking

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Mountain Bike America: Arizona (Mountain Bike America Guides)

From the low desert to the high peaks, from rolling midlands to red slickrock, Arizona offers some of the finest, most diverse mountain biking in the world. A year-round riding season and a staggering array of trails make Arizona a destination for mountain bikers from every corner of the globe. The state is also the home and training ground for some of the most accomplished riders you’ll ever meet. If you’re ready to get pushed to the limits of body and mind, Arizona is the place to ride and this is the guidebook that will take you there.

Fat Tire Tales & Trails: Arizona Mountain Bike Trail Guide

The most well known and well loved mountain bike trail guide to the best summer and winter fat tire fun in Arizona. Cartoony, down to earth maps are adapted from topos and forest service charts, yet are friendly and easy to use.