Spruce Mountain Trail 307 – Prescott, AZ

Spruce Mountain Trail 307

Spruce Mountain Trail 307

A great ride to get away from the summer heat. Spruce Mountain’s starting elevation is about 6300 feet above sea level and climbs to about 7700 feet. This ride is full of beautiful singletrack and awesome views. The 3.3 mile climb to the top is pretty strenuous, with plenty of switchbacks, rocks and roots. The 5.5 mile descent is every bit worth the climb. A ripping singletrack descent among the ponderosa pine forest. I suffer up the climb on my heavy dual suspension just for the descent. The trails are marked fairly well by the forest service. There is a self-pay parking fee in the parking lot of 2 dollars. I think it is 2 dollars? Remember horses have the right of way and there are plenty of them on the weekends. The trails get slippery and muddy during the frequent Monsoon rains in July and August, so watch out!

From Phoenix, take I-17 north to hwy 69 north exit. Head west on hwy 69 and this will take you into Prescott. Merge onto Gurley street and take a left onto the Senator Highway (Mt. Vernon street). Follow Senator Highway 6 miles to Groom Creek and then another mile to trail #307 trailhead on left. Head north out of the parking lot and jump on the singletrack. The usual ride is a clockwise up and back down 9 mile loop.

Skill: Intermediate
Effort: Puke
Type: Loop
Season: Summer
Mileage: 9

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Spruce Mountain Trail 307 - Prescott, AZ, 6.7 out of 10 based on 15 ratings
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  1. 4/5/2011 Rode this trail for the first time today. I think the climb is much more technical than the downhill, and it was worth it. The downhill was fun, but I think I was expecting faster smooth sections and more technical hard sections. I also don’t know why they cut so many trees down here and didn’t bother to haul them out and use them for fuel or something.

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  2. I hit this trail around noon today. It was a bit of a haul during the beginning uphill climb. But the 6 Mile decent is very worth the effort. It was a fairly soft trail minus maybe 5 or 6 mildly technical rocky/rough areas. There’s a fire lookout and picnic area awaiting you at the top. If you’re not used to the altitude, you will be huffin and puffin for the bulk of the ride. . . If you were to ride this a few times, and get to know the trail, this has the potential to be a very fast downhill.

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  3. Heather Q. says:

    A group of us did this trail two days ago and it made me realize a few things: 1. I ride a bike on a mountain that has trails and think I’m a “mountain biker” 2. When people review a trail and say it is “intermediate” that can mean a spectrum of things.

    My normal riding weekend consists of Hawes on Saturday and San Tan on Sunday. Hawes, which I thought was technical, is child’s play compared to Spruce Mountain. The section where you climb to the top is a couple of miles of rocky, uneven terrain that definitely requires intense skill, along with endurance. The downhill has a lot of obstacles and logs with 2-3ft drop offs, it’s pretty sick. Due to it being a single track, me being an idiot and wearing shorts, my legs look like they were attacked by a house cat from all the foliage scraping my legs (rookie mistake).

    I was just caught off guard because I really didn’t know what to expect. I vow to do that trail again and kick it’s a**, rather than it kicking mine.

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