Papago Park Mountain Bike Ride

Papago Park

Papago Park

I went on a mountain bike ride at Papago Park today with Ramon. I haven’t been on a ride at Papago Park since…I can’t remember. Must be about 8 years or more. Everything is pretty much the same. Papago Park has trails for all skill levels. Most of the trails are very smooth, but you can find some technical areas around the little mountains. The rocks are fun to play on. Back in the day, we would test our technical skills on some of the rock areas. I couldn’t really remember the trails around the park, but as we started riding, I started to remember all of them. We parked near hole in the rock and found a trail that took across Galvin Parkway to the west side. We did a short loop around the golf course and some exploration around some of the buttes. Then we rode around the east side of the Phoenix Zoo to the area with all of the jumps. I think I am getting to old to attempt any of those jumps. They are pretty gnarly. I wouldn’t of thought twice about them when I was a kid. We moved on to the south and followed trails all the way to the river bottom. After some exploration we returned to the car. Surprisingly, we rode about 9.5 miles. You wouldn’t think you could ride almost 10 miles out there without getting bored, but it is possible.

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