Lost Dutchman Loops Trail Reviews

by Roy “Cozmic Coyote” Edwards

Although these trails are still being put together on existing Mule & Horse trails there is a mostly Single Trac Loop from Brown Road south crossing University near the Apache Junction Fire Department south on single trac to Broadway Road and coming out near Desert Vista Elemenntary School all the way south to US-60 and back on another set of trails. To START take Brown Road East into Pinal County till you get to Goldfield Road continue East till Brown turns to dirt you will come to power lines park on the North side of Brown cross Brown South and cross the fence at the Horse stepover and go East [left] along the fence this will ver right to a rock pile go east [lft] and follodw rock piles and bike trac’s to a BMX Race style area at the South East end of this area you will see bike trac’s out heading south follow them down to another fence go west [rt] this will take you through several raveens and back under the powerlines, form here just follow tracs these will take you under both power lines and accross 2 power line roads and a telephone road after this 3rd two trac go south [lft] at the rock pile on to a FAST single trac this will take you to a 4 way intersection go East [lft] and this will take you back to the powerlines crossover at the horse step over accross from the Apache Junction Fire Dept. on University Road cross University and find the Telephone Line road this road is just west of the two power line roads and is markerd by poles with numbers on them the first pole on the South side of University you will see a rock pile on the west side take this trail it takes you all the way to Broadway Road and comes out near Desert Vista Elementary School from here it’s kinda sketchy on the trails South of Broadway but if you take Broadway west just before the stop sign at Goldfield Road there is a 2-trac that goes North and soon turns to Single Trac again this will take you back to University Road cross University and cross the fence at the Horse step over and take this north to the fourway you came to earlier this time go left at the four way this sinngle trac take you back to your vehicle on Brown Road. The other variation is to start from the parking lot of the Desert Vista Elementary Scool on Broadway and head west on Broadway and go Nnorth just B 4 Goldfield Road as described above,, as soon as i can connect the trails South of the School i will post them, E-Mail me if you want a guided tour i will B glad to go out the more people on this trail the faster it will B marked good, i marked this trail as moderate but it can be VERY FAST so it can go COMA and i rated it a 4 cause it has great potential fast, technical,soft and rocky, raveen crossings, and i wouldnt ride here if it wasnt fun i helped build most City and State Parks trails including Usery, White Tanks [with Domenics MTB Team] and Estrella, from early 1986 till 1991 i built trails and race courses for my organization ORBA the Off-Road Bicyclist of Arizona.

Skill: Intermediate
Effort: Moderate
Type: Singletrack
Season: Fall, Winter, Spring
Mileage: 11+

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Lost Dutchman Loops Trail Reviews, 7.5 out of 10 based on 6 ratings
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