Holbert Trail – South Mountain

Dawn your crash pads and full boinger for this one. This one is usually only shuttled, unless you want to hike back up the mountain 2 miles. Probably the most technical trail on South Mountain, Chris broke his hand and another friend broke an arm on this one. Get ready for huge drop offs, loose rocks and switchbacks with an abyss awaiting your mistakes. As always on South Mountain, watch out for hikers!

Central to Dobbins lookout and park. The trailhead is off to the northeast of the parking lot, towards the restrooms. Remember to park a car at the bottom east of Central at the end of Mineral Rd near the water tank. The trail will dump you out on Mineral road.

Skill: Insane
Effort: Moderate
Type: Shuttle
Season: Fall, Winter, Spring

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Holbert Trail - South Mountain, 8.7 out of 10 based on 7 ratings
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  1. im new to this state and it would be alot nicer if you guys had better diroctions, on how to get to thease trails

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    • Adam,
      if your’e new to AZ, don’t look for the holbert trail. It’s one of the more technical descents on South Mountain, there is an entrance to the park at 48th and Pima road, as well as heading down central ave from Baseline. There are a few other good places to ride in the valley as well. And I’d recommend looking into the Fat tire guide book, it’s a great resource.

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