First Mountain Bike Night Ride of the Summer

It’s that time of year. It is getting too hot to ride any time except early in the morning or at night. Since, I’m not a morning person, I’ll be doing a lot of night riding. So, I charged up the helmet light and headed to South Mountain to ride the Desert Classic trail with Ramon. Since, I am training for the upcoming Barn Burner, I wanted to get some miles in with some climbing.. Our route was the standard Desert Classic ride, except a detour up to the helipad. I forgot how long and steep that climb was. Once you get in the climbing groove, it isn’t so bad, I guess. My favorite part is the downhill back to Desert Classic trail. At Desert Classic, we turned west and rode to Telegraph Pass Trail. I love the downhill on the way to Telegraph Pass, but fret the climb back out. I was feeling strong, so the climb wasn’t bad at all. We followed Desert Classic back to the Secret Trail that leads back to Desert Classic again. Then took a detour on the south loop (not sure of the real name) back to Desert Classic again and then back to the Pima Canyon parking lot. In summary, it was a great night ride. I climbed 1727 feet in 19 miles and felt great.

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An Arizona native, Jeff has been mountain biking and racing since 1997. A father of 2 awesome children Ryder and Skylar. He is the owner of Excelnet Media, an Internet Marketing company.

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