Fantasy Island – Tucson, AZ

by Matt R

Fantasy Island is a pretty crazy place if you ask me. To be quite honest w/you I’m not really sure of it’s exact location, other than the fact that you park right along a highway about 15 minutes outside Tucson. Stop at any local bike shop in or around the Tucson area and they can set you straight on how to get there. This park, as we were told by some bike shop guys, was created and built by a gentleman by the name of Jim. There is roughly 12/15 miles of SWEET, SWEET singletrack to be ridden here. The trail hardly does any climbing at all, but twist and turns are everywhere. Along the way are beautiful cactus and really colorful wild flowers. Legend has it that there is a gentleman from the Tucson area that has spent an enormous amount of time building these trails. Well, Legend is correct! These trails are truly a treat to ride. How it works is that he has created all these trails within a 1 1/2 square mile radius. It’s really a site to be seen. The trails twist and turn, taking you through spectacular cacti filled scenery. This is a great place to go and let er rip!!! Don’t forget, you are in Dessert……Bring lot’s o’ H20!!!!!!! If you are in the Tucson area I would absolutely recommend checkng this place out.

Trail Map


by Tucson local Patrick

The main start of the trail can be found at the end of Harrison at Irvington. All you have to do is drive south on Harrison until it stops at Irvington, cross the street, and park. The mouth of the trail is about 50ft ahead. Also, the trail is one-directional, so be careful not to get turned around or you might fly into someone.

Skill: Intermediate
Effort: Moderate
Type: Singletrack
Season: All
Mileage: 12-15

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Rating: 8.9/10 (7 votes cast)
Fantasy Island - Tucson, AZ, 8.9 out of 10 based on 7 ratings
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  1. Visited a buddy in Tucson last weekend and rode Fantasy Island. The half pipe is quite possibly the funnest thing I have ever done. In my entire life. Ever.

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  2. R Patchel says:

    Last Monday we went to Fantasy Island for a ride. It was a little more rocky and rutted than we had expected, but nice scenery. We parked our vehicle on the side of the road next to the entrance. When we returned the passenger window had been smashed out with a rock and items stolen from our vehicle. We drove all the way back to the North side on glass and wondering what kind of person would do this. Perhaps a person should not leave their car unattended there. Although it is a fairly busy crossroads, someone was cruising the place.

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  3. Visited Tuscon last spring and had a picture perfect day to ride Fantasy Island. Hardly any elevation gain, but lots of fast single track twisting and turning through cactus, quick ups and downs and some ‘creative’ monumments and displays of art work, toys, action figures, signage and even a christmas tree. Also, the trail is located next to the airforce base gunner range, lot’s of A-10’s swooping in and blasting 30 mm rounds…Great fun.

    Definitely a ride not to be missed. But be careful of the prickly pares that sometimes hitch a ride on your calves and the javelina that inhabit the area…almost ran into a couple during my ride.

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  4. T. Williams says:

    I-10 to Valencia exit, near Davis Monthan and the Space museum. Go Left on Valencia (Northeast) about 8 miles. Look for the trailhead on the Left which will be the south entrance. Houghton road and you’ve gone too far. Awesome trails for everyone. South section potentially to be developed but North section to be preserved as a Mtn biking park.

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  5. The park is to the south of the intersection of Harrison and Irvington Rd. thru 2 openings in the fence.
    19 miles of trail. Love the lean. Spring wilflowers are great here in a wet year. 6 loops. No horses or hikers. Built by mountain bikers for mountain bikers. Builder is Chuck Boyer, thanks Chuck.

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  6. Tucson bike riders you are lucky people to have a trail in town like this ride .the trail is now complete at 11.8 miles.Chuck B. our helmets are off to,and thank you for effort and hard work over the past 5 years in making your dream come true.To make this ride exciting do it in less than 55.0 min.Chuck again,thanks again,I think the state and city should name it Chuck Boyer trail.

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  7. Rode this course and it was a ton of fun. Coming from the north I made the mistake of driving thru town based on some recommendations, but I think I would have been better off taking I-10 and parking on the south side of the park on Valencia and riding the easy bunny loop as a good warm-up. Live and learn.

    Thomas Gerlach
    Professional Triathlete

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