F.I.N.S. – Fantasy Island North Singletrack

I couldn’t ride my usual Wednesday night mountain bike ride, because it was my son Ryder’s 4th birthday. Happy Birthday Ryder!


F.I.N.S. Thursday Night Ride

I decided to go out to the Thursday night mountain bike ride out at F.I.N.S. or Fantasy Island North Singletrack, about an 1 hour 20 minute drive from my house during rush hour. It is located back behind Estrella Mountain Park, around 175th avenue. The sweet single track is worth the drive. The guys who built these trails did an awesome job. We met at 6:30 at Harvey’s house to start the ride. There was a pretty good turnout of 16 mountain bikers. I was told that 25 were on the ride last week.

I’m not able to tell you what trails we were on, since it was dark and it was only my second time out there. As you can see from my GPS readout, that we hit almost every trail. Most of the trails are singletrack, with sections for all types of mountain bikers. The Thursday night ride isn’t a hammer fest unless you want it to be. All mountain bikers with any ability are welcome. Once we hit the trail head, riders spread out into groups of speed and ability. I decided to test my self with the fast group. Surprisingly, I hung on to most of the night. As the night went on and my endurance started to fade, I was like a yo-yo. I would fall a little behind on the climbs and then catch back up on the downhills and flats. By then, many riders had started back towards Harvey’s house to drink some beer.

And then there was three. I figured, since I have only been getting out to ride once a week lately, I was going to get as many miles in as possible. So, I followed Ben and Jim, who had been leading the fast group all night. I almost regretted that decision. As we were climbing yet another very steep and loose section, my back tire lost traction and I had to jump off the bike. the instant m legs hit the ground, both quadriceps cramped up. Luckily, I recovered after a few seconds and was able to ride through the cramps.

After a good 2 hour ride, we got back to Harvey’s house, where cold refreshments were waiting for us. If you are looking for a great Thursday night mountain bike group ride, this is it. You will meet a great group of mountain bikers. If you are interested in checking out the Thursday night ride, contact me and I will send you the address to Harvey’s house.

Directions: If you want to ride F.I.N.S. on your own, most people park at Westar Elementary School at 17777 W. Westar Dr., Goodyear, AZ 85338. I’m not really too sure how to get there from the school, since I have never done it. Ride west on Westar until there to a fire road on the left. See Garmin readout below.


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