Estrella Mountain Regional Park Trail Reviews

Estrella Mountain Regional Park

These 19,840 acres of desert and mountains became the first regional park in the Maricopa County Park System in 1954. Located near the meeting of the Gila and Agua Fria Rivers in the southwest Valley, the park includes a large wetland, or riparian, area. The majority of the park remains pristine desert, very similar in appearance to the landscape seen by the first settlers and explorers. The Sierra Estrella range, or Star Mountains, was once within the Mexican border, and remained so until the Gadsden Purchase in 1853. Today, many amenities are available to visitors, including the only grass picnic area in the Maricopa County Park System.

14805 West Vineyard Avenue
Goodyear, AZ 85338
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$6 per motorized vehicle entry

Estrella Mountain Competitive Track

Estrella Mountain Regional Park

Estrella Mountain Regional Park

The third competitive track in the Maricopa County Regional Park system, located in Estrella Mountain Regional Park, was completed in February 2000. The track consists of two loops totaling 13 miles. The long loop is 8 miles and is challenging, but may be used by persons of all skill levels. The technical loop is 5 miles and is recommended for experts only.

All of the competitive tracks are primarily used by Mountain Bicyclists, but are also used from time-to-time by cross country runners and “endurance” horse riders. The tracks are designed for high speeds, racing events and fun. They feature steep climbs, and drops, fast corners, twists and turns and rugged rocky terrain.

Development of the Estrella Track was made possible through a partnership with Phoenix International Raceway. Construction crews from PIR built access and service roads, parking lots, and a nearby Group Campground.

Trail Map

Skill: Intermediate
Effort: Easy-Medium
Type: Loops
Season: Fall, Winter, Spring
Mileage: 14 Miles

Estrella Mountain Regional Park Trail Photos

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Estrella Mountain Regional Park Trail Reviews, 8.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings
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  1. I like the Estrella course as a fun trail to ride, but not as a race course. It is nearly impossible to pass. If you are unfortunate enough to get a bad start all you can do is watch the leaders ride away. Unless you don’t mind making really dangerous moves on some of your co-racers. I enjoy having the more technical aspects of this trail, but if you are trapped behind someone, or a large group of people who do not have good technical skills, your race is basically over. I know the beginning of the long loop has some passing and that’s great, but if you have already lost a couple of minutes trapped in traffic on the first short loop you won’t have much chance of catching up.

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    • I agree with the above comments about the new course. There’s nothing wrong with having technical courses as part of the race series. My only complaints are 1) the long loop is not an appropriate trail for younger junior racers. It’s too long and too technical in sections for young beginning kids 2) it’s obvious that the park wanted to segregate mountain bikers from the rest of the park. Even though mountain bikers and the races are a major source of revenue for the park, they have not done much for this area other than blading a parking lot and putting in one old porta-john. 3) Does anyone besides me NOT like to listen to loud race cars while riding?

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  2. I haven’t ridden in a race in five years. I haven’t been on a mountain bike track in four years. I just bought a new bike a month ago. Today was my first ride in Arizona. I thought I’d throw myself into the fire the right way . . . competition track.
    All that being said, this track is really a surprise. It has good challenges throughout. When you get to a section where you think you can relax a little, better think again. The loose stuff will grab you and throw you into the next available cactus, who salivates for a chance to gnaw on your skin.

    In the middle of the large loop, things became a little more technical than I had thought they would be. Still having the first ride jitters, I was too cautious on one rocky and steep downhill, causing me to launch over the bars. After I got the crash out of the way, it was much smoother sailing. There’s a nice loose downhill into the ravine right before the ascent to see the parking area. Then an awesome downhill brings you back to the lot.

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  3. Rode this one yesterday and did the long loop. Started out okay, but around mile three, there’s a stretch of deep, loose sand that sucked. Turns out, there’s patches of sand all throughout the course just waiting to throw you from your bike (see Bryan’s comments. By far the rockiest course I’ve been on so far, as well. Yeah, there were some fun parts, but overall I don’t think I’d ride this one again. I was CERTAIN I wouldn’t ride it again while I was out there…

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  4. This trail is awesome in any aspect,nice bit in the begginning for a warm up but the further you ride the rockier it gets! I rode on my hard tail and it jitters your arms and legs up on the downhill bits but its still fun. Near the end of the trail there is an eye alarming switch back accent into the mountain face, Just when you think it was about to end it has just begun! At the top of this ball dragging climb relax and enjoy the beautifull az sceinic land, at this point get yourself together an prepare for the flabbergasting descent to the parking lot(I advise to switch into high gear!) AS always happy trail riding 🙂

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  5. I rode here yesterday for the first time. I rode the junior loop twice and the long loop once. I just started biking in November, so the long loop was a bit too technical for me right now. I think I was too cautious on some of the downhill sections which messed me up when climbing some of the rockier stuff. I still had fun and enjoyed the challenge of all the rocks/loose sand. The views were much nicer on the long loop too, no speedway in sight!

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