Corona Loma Trail – South Mountain Park

Corona Loma

Corona Loma

Yet, another ride for the full suspension riders. This trail is steep with high cliffs over the side of the trail. Big dropoffs, loose rocks, and deep ruts will give you a challenge down this one. I don’t recommend trying to ride up it. There is some very difficult climbing before the downhill starts.

This one is not on the map, but it is there. You need to get to Buena Vista parking lot on top of South Mountain. Either by riding up Mormon-National (see above for description) or shuttle to the top. Once at the parking lot, head directly under the big sign at the west end of the parking lot. The sign is actually across the street from the parking lot. Do not follow the National trail sign, go under the sign. Follow the trail down and then back up out of the valley it dropped down into. Then follow the trail down to Desert Classic. If you shuttle, your friend should pick you up at the Pima Canyon parking lot. You will be taking Desert Classic (see above for description) back to the parking lot once your at the bottom.

Skill: Insane
Effort: Moderate-Hard
Type: Down Only
Season: Fall, Winter, Spring
Mileage: 4

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