Cave Creek Regional Park Trail Reviews

Cave Creek Regional Park

Located north of Phoenix, this 2,922-acre park sits in the upper Sonoran Desert. Ranging in elevation from 2,000 feet to 3,060, this desert oasis provides any hiker and equestrian majestic views. The Go John Trail loops around a mountain to provide the illusion of being miles away from civilization. In the 1870s, fever stricken gold seekers staked their dreams on the jasper-studded hills. Guided trails to these sites give visitors an opportunity to travel back in time.

Cave Creek Regional Park offers over 11 miles of trails for hiking, mountain biking and horseback riding. Park trails range in length from 0.2 miles to 4.8 miles and range in difficulty from easy to difficult.

If you are looking for an easy, relatively short hike the Cholla or Jasper Trail is recommended. If you are looking for a long more difficult hike, try the 4.8-mile Go John Trail.

The trails within the Cave Creek Regional Park are very popular because they have enough elevation to offer spectacular vistas of surrounding plains. Whether you are looking across the plain, flat land, south of the recreation area or looking to the west or north great distances or surrounding mountains can be seen and enjoyed.

All trails are multi-use unless otherwise designated. All trail users are encouraged to practice proper trail etiquette.

37019 N. Lava Lane
Cave Creek, AZ 85331
Park Map

$6 per motorized vehicle entry

Go John Trail

by Brian Mayeux

Start at the Go John Trailhead and go east. It starts out with a heart-pounding climb and then levels off into a flat scenic desert portion. After turning back into a canyon there are some very challenging rocky areas. I go there a lot and all I hear is “You’re crazy to be biking on this trail !!”. But seriously folks, its not that bad. For me there are some walking spots. I think for the expert rider in good shape it should be a good challenge. The end of the ride will take you dowm an awesome descent to the trailhead. Great trail !!

Skill: Advanced
Type: Singletrack Loop
Season: Fall-Spring
Effort: Hard
Mileage: 5-10

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Rating: 8.0/10 (10 votes cast)
Cave Creek Regional Park Trail Reviews, 8.0 out of 10 based on 10 ratings
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  1. The Go-John is one of my favorite trails around. You start out with a fairly long but not crazy steep climb, but it’s smooth trail so it’s just you and your lungs — no loose rock to distract from the cardio burn. The middle part of the ride is technical. It starts with easy rollers but builds up fast to some gnarly technical climbs over rocky stuff. Then there’s a short technical rocky descent. A little more technical stuff, then smooth trail again for the fast and fun ride back to the parking lot.

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    • For the sake of progress, this trail has digressed to a beautiful hiking trail. Anything challenging was removed, filled-in, and flattened. The only thing left is the rocky water fall section. With enough man hours they will probably pave that as well. Nothing like stipping mother nature of her very essence…Natural. Good job Cave Creek Recreation!!!!

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  2. Hardy boy says:

    i do this trail all the time. i recommend starting out going southwest on overton its a decent climb until it runs into Go John and you’ll strt descending fast and smooth then follow go john all the way around only place u really have to get off the bike is the rocky waterfall section after that its mostly dh to the parking lot..see ya out there

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  3. Go John is fun going down. Tight very rocky single track going up. I walked most of it =]
    To many people here. I recommend finding a time when it is not busy. Perhaps in the heat of the summer.
    Lots of horses…One of the lady guides who does the horse trails is a little over zealous and will over react whenever she sees a bike. Even when you are following trail code. The other two guys are fine.
    Time for me to find some bike only trails.
    Slowing down every 5 minutes for hikers and horses really makes the ride no fun.

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  4. I rode Go John clockwise and got the rocky section out of the way first, then absolute killer rolling sections to a huge downhill back to start. Still plenty of energy, I went back up to the pass and counterclockwise around the other loop. No hikers at all, but that was Sunday afternoon in May so hot…

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