Tucson Mountain Bike Trails

Trails North of Tucson – Mt. Lemmon, Catalina, Oracle, Willow Springs Baby Jesus Trails (3C) Cactus Forest Trail Saguaro National Park East Charouleau Gap Trails Cherry Tank Trails (3C) Golder Ranch Trails (1A to 3C) – 50-Year, Catalina State Park, The Chutes, Middlegate Peppersauce Cave Trails (2-3B) Rail X and Honeybee Canyon Trails (2B) Willow Springs – Old Pueblo Trails (2B) Mt Lemmon – AZ Trail – Molino Basin to Italian Trap (3C – 3D)… Read More »

Air Rescue on Trail 100 Phoenix AZ

A few weeks ago a couple of friends (both who are named Chad) were going down one of the most remote and technical trails in the Phoenix Mountain Preserve when Chad went head first over the handle bars and piled himself into the rocks. I received a call from Non-crashed Chad to help carry him out. While in route, we decided the best plan was to call 911 as Crashed Chad was immobilized, in a… Read More »

Phoenix Trail 100

This is a video of a recent video of ride by Sean Hahn of West USA Realty on Trail 100 in Phoenix Arizona. The Phoenix Mountain Preserve is the largest urban park in the United States. There are hundreds of miles of trails on over 7000 acres.  Sean can be reach at 602-361-6047.      

F.I.N.S. – Fantasy Island North Singletrack

I couldn’t ride my usual Wednesday night mountain bike ride, because it was my son Ryder’s 4th birthday. Happy Birthday Ryder! I decided to go out to the Thursday night mountain bike ride out at F.I.N.S. or Fantasy Island North Singletrack, about an 1 hour 20 minute drive from my house during rush hour. It is located back behind Estrella Mountain Park, around 175th avenue. The sweet single track is worth the drive. The guys… Read More »

The 2010 Whiskey Off-Road – The hardest 28 miles!

About 900 mountain bikers showed up to test their skill and endurance at the seventh annual Whiskey Off-Road this weekend in Prescott, AZ. The weather was absolutely perfect. Competitors have a choice of riding a 15 mile course, 25 mile course (my Garmin shows it is actually 28.4 miles) and 50 mile course. Of course I chose to ride the 25 mile course. 50 miles is just sadistic considering the amount of climbing. Maybe someday… Read More »

Alta Trail – South Mountain Park

I have never ridden the Alta Trail at South Mountain. See below for others comments and reviews.

Bajada Trail – South Mountain Park

See below for others comments and reviews.

Bill Williams Mountain

This route uses some of the same trails as the race course, but goes in a clockwise direction instead. Park at the Williams Ranger Station on Route 66 in town. Follow Route 66 east to 4th street. Turn right and follow for 6 miles all on pavement to lookout road (FS111). Turn right and climb the fireroad for 6 miles until the singletrack (Camp Clover Trail). Follow this twisty steep singletrack for 4 miles down… Read More »

Spruce Mountain Trail 307 – Prescott, AZ

A great ride to get away from the summer heat. Spruce Mountain’s starting elevation is about 6300 feet above sea level and climbs to about 7700 feet. This ride is full of beautiful singletrack and awesome views. The 3.3 mile climb to the top is pretty strenuous, with plenty of switchbacks, rocks and roots. The 5.5 mile descent is every bit worth the climb. A ripping singletrack descent among the ponderosa pine forest. I suffer… Read More »

Sunrise Ski Resort

In the heart of Arizona’s magnificent White Mountains, Sunrise Park Resort is a recreational paradise offering a wide range of fun and excitement. You can escape into the wilderness, ski, mountain bike, enjoy our annual festivals and fish to your heart’s content. Or you can simply look out on some of the most beautiful land in Arizona. Summer or winter, when you come to Sunrise Park Resort in the White Mountains of Arizona, you’ll find… Read More »