Buyers Guide to Mountain Bike: Components and Accessories

Getting home your first mountain bike can be an incredible feeling. However, if you are going to get it the first time, it’s a tough job to do. Though you will hear a lot about getting so and so brand from your friends, but until and unless you have an idea about the basics of mountain bike, it’s difficult to have it. The only way is to sit, relax and work out your need and specifications. Then only you can actually land into a place where the following tips would help you to get the best mountain bike. With these tips, you can make your buying experience fun and enjoyable.

Set your budget first: There is no limit of putting money in getting a mountain bike. To keep things in limit, set your budget, the money you can afford for this. Ones you fix the money you are ready to invest, you can focus on the decided range of bikes. Though you can visit any branded place, however, the local cycle store can be preferred since you can get a mountain bike within your set limit.

The frame size: The size is often a vital part to consider while buying a mountain bike. The road bike frame is generally bigger than the any mountain bike. A thumb rule is the frame of the mountain bike should be around 3 inches smaller than your normal bike frame. It’s imperative to go for a correct size frame, because they give you the right comfort while riding your mountain bike. Make sure you get a bike where small adjustments like adjusting the stem length, angle of seat post; height and so on is possible.

The saddle compatibility: It is vital to get a right saddle since you will be seating for around two hours at least while you ride your bike. Saddle come in different ways for men and women, make sure you opt for the relevant one. When you take a test ride, make sure you check the comfort level of your saddle, get the one which you find yourself the most comfortable.

Cross check the mountain bike components: Before you ride away your mountain bike, make sure you properly check the shifting of the gears. Check its gear ratio; see it moves smoothly and conveniently without any hassle. Check whether the cables, limiting screws, cog and so on is properly fixed in their appropriate ways. Make sure you check the following components neatly:

Brakes: Check them, whether they are smoothly working. See if you are able to lock the wheels mostly using your two fingers. If your bike has V brakes, check the pad alignments in it. Make sure it does not touch the rims when it rotates. Lastly, check the distance between the pads, whether they are same from the rim.

Wheels: Move the wheels of mountain bike and check the one end of the fork or the brake pads. Make sure the distance between the two remains constant. If you do not notice the same that means its alignment is not proper. Ask the man at the store to do the needful. Also check the tires too, you should not see any or very minimal wear on them.

Suspension: You will find the front suspension in the fork of your mountain bike. They are meant for front suspension action. You will find the rear suspension always in the mountain bikes which are full suspension bikes. They are meant to give additional comfort to the rider, which you will not notice in any road bikes. It’s important to check the amount of travel the suspension carries. They are generally 1 to 4 inches which goes as per the bike you select. Check the feel of rear suspension with a proper bike ride. Always opt for an adjustable suspension system, this help you to adjust your bike in different terrains.

Final Word: You cannot decide to have any mountain bike; it requires proper research and hard work. Make sure you have the review of different bikes, before you make your mind for any. Once you decide upon for any particular mountain bike, the points above given would certainly help you in getting the right kind of bike. So whatever way you select your bike, remember the bottom line, it should be good in performance and quality.

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