About Racerx

An Arizona native, Jeff has been mountain biking and racing since 1997. A father of 2 awesome children Ryder and Skylar. He is the owner of Excelnet Media, an Internet Marketing company.

What To Know When Transporting Your Bike For a Trip

Cycling around the Grand Canyon may be grand, but cycling to the Grand Canyon may not be as feasible from where you are. The same goes for other amazing trails across Arizona, with more than 100 miles of park and mountain preserve trails around Phoenix alone, according to the city’s website. Even if you’re going for a closer jaunt around town, such as a ride along Tucson’s Rillito River bike path or a long cruise… Read More »

Things you might not know about Mountain Biking

Riding a bike has been a major part of our childhood’s for as long as anyone can remember. You will always remember the first time you rode one, the first time you managed to ride on two wheels without assistance, and the bumps and bruises it took to get there. Then the mountain bike came along and enhanced our experience of the bicycle forever. Whether you are thinking of doing something more physical than playing… Read More »

Buyers Guide to Mountain Bike: Components and Accessories

Getting home your first mountain bike can be an incredible feeling. However, if you are going to get it the first time, it’s a tough job to do. Though you will hear a lot about getting so and so brand from your friends, but until and unless you have an idea about the basics of mountain bike, it’s difficult to have it. The only way is to sit, relax and work out your need and… Read More »

Trek Dirt Series Mountain Bike Camps – Fruita, Colorado

Trek Dirt Series Mountain Bike Camps – Fruita, Colorado September 24-25, 2011 The Trek Dirt Series has recently opened registration for their women’s specific and co-ed mountain bike skills camps, offering confidence building and inspiring learning opportunities throughout Western Canada and the US. The camps are open to beginner, intermediate, and advanced riders, and cover techniques from basic front wheel lifts and switchback turns to technical climbs, descents, and drops. The program includes skill development… Read More »

Danny MacAskill – Way Back Home

Way Back Home is the incredible new riding clip from Danny MacAskill, it follows him on a journey from Edinburgh back to his hometown Dunvegan, in the Isle of Skye.

We Won 3rd Place at Dawn to Dusk

Our team Jass Racing won 3rd place in the corporate division this weekend at the Dawn to Dusk Mountain Bike Race at McDowell Mountain Regional Park. Our team was awesome! The weather was perfect! The competition was fierce! The event was sold out! The competition was tougher than expected. We were in 6th place for most of the day. With our goal to make the podium, we really started to put the hammer down and… Read More »

Don’t Miss Out on Mountain Biking in the Moonlight

Every summer, Maricopa County Parks and Recreation put on night rides at McDowell Mountain Regional Park, Estrella Mountain Park and San Tan Mountain Regional Park. These rides are great! Make sure you bring a high powered light, helmet and plenty of water. Also, make sure you bring a little cash with you, because each park has a vehicle parking fee. These aren’t guided tours, but the trails are marked well and volunteers will sweep the… Read More »

White Tank Regional Park Mountain Bike Ride

Had a great mountain bike ride today on the competitive loop out at White Tank Regional Park with Ben and Wyll. The trail is in very good shape. We rode 21 miles which was 3 laps non-stop. It took me about 7 miles to warm up, feeling very sluggish at the beginning. Both of Ben and Wyll are very strong and fast. If you chase those 2 around, it will only make you faster. I… Read More »

F.I.N.S. – Fantasy Island North Singletrack

I couldn’t ride my usual Wednesday night mountain bike ride, because it was my son Ryder’s 4th birthday. Happy Birthday Ryder! I decided to go out to the Thursday night mountain bike ride out at F.I.N.S. or Fantasy Island North Singletrack, about an 1 hour 20 minute drive from my house during rush hour. It is located back behind Estrella Mountain Park, around 175th avenue. The sweet single track is worth the drive. The guys… Read More »

Mountain Bike in the Moonlight at McDowell Mountain Park

I finally got out to one of the mountain bike night rides put on by Maricopa Parks and Recreation at McDowell Mountain Regional Park. I have been a few times in past years, but haven’t been able to make it this year. It is getting more popular every year. If you haven’t been out there for one of these, you need to go. The turn out is awesome! I heard that officially there were 140… Read More »