Alta Trail – South Mountain Park

I have never ridden the Alta Trail at South Mountain. See below for others comments and reviews.

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Rating: 6.6/10 (5 votes cast)
Alta Trail - South Mountain Park, 6.6 out of 10 based on 5 ratings
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  1. Any way you look at it you have to go up. When I rode this with a friend we both had Specialized Enduro SL’s. We parked at San Juan and went down the road a bit and hit the trail to the right and then proceeded to climb for a long time.
    There are some fun swooping downward sloping areas followed by more climbing. Then it gets interesting as you lose all the elevation you fought so hard to gain. The down is quite tricky and sketchmo in some areas.

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  2. This trail is probably the most challenging one at South Mountain, there is not an easy way to do it, both clockwise and counterclockwise are about the same, but you have more chance to stay on your bike if you make it counterclockwise. Doing it this way you climb the entire south face of the north range of south mountain, once on the top, you move to the north face of the mountain where some walk a bike is mandatory, after returning to the south face the descent starts and there is no need for pedaling for the rest of the trail unless you need to ride back to the road intersection which adds a few miles to the trail and can be done by national trail, baja trail or the road.

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  3. I hiked this trail in ’10 and remembered the majority of the trail was along the ridge, so I thought, okay, that should be fun to ride. Hiked the bike up to the ridge, and found the trail nearly unbikeable the entire length (4.5 miles). I went counterclockwise, and at the end of the ridge I could see the entire descent to the west trailhead, and thought ‘okay, now I can ride down’ but huge exposure, singletrack, serious bunny hopping opportunities (I am not that good).
    In the end, I hiked 4.3 of the 4.5 miles, so great workout – also, some of the oldest rocks on the planet (I believe over 1.5 billion years old), so interesting but not for mountain bikes unless you’re looking for seriously crazy.

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