50 Year Trail – Tucson, AZ

by Matt

The 50 year Trail is a great ride for a beginner or someone who isn’t looking to do much climbing. The trail is located at the base of the Catalina Mts off of Oracle Dr., Northeast of the city. There is a small entrance fee, but it’s worth a few bucks just to take in the beauty of the region and the Mt. Range. As the trail begins, you ride along the base of the Catalina’s, winding your way through some really neat terrain. Lot’s of Cactus, so be careful of not steering off the trail even a little, and you might want to consider bringing an extra tube or two. The highlight of the trail is a section known as the Chutes!!! This area is really great. Lot’s of whoopdie-doos and cool drop offs, with some stunning scenery to go along. The only problem from there is that the only way (as far as I know) is to double back and retrace. Me and a few buds visited this area in April, and the heat was pretty intense…Bring lot’s of water. Overall, this is a good trail, and one that I recomend.

50 Year Trail Map

Skill: Beginner
Type: Out and Back
Fall, Winter, Spring
Mileage: 8-10
Rating: 3 of 5

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Rating: 8.0/10 (3 votes cast)
50 Year Trail - Tucson, AZ, 8.0 out of 10 based on 3 ratings
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  1. The chutes are awesome! It really is the closest thing I’ve ever seen to a natural roller coaster. You’ve just got to ride it to really get an idea of what it’s like! Beautiful scenery. Go with a guide or someone who is local (I lucked out when I got there as a local rider was just heading out and allowed me to tag along).

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  2. I have to agree that 50 year trail some of the most beautiful scenery in the region – aside from being on top of Mt. Lemmon. However, I would like to say that this can – and is designed to be – ridden as a loop. 50 year-trail makes one giant loop that can go as far as Catalina Park/Golder Ranch. There are also a couple of little loops (Deer Camp Loop, Baby Jesus, etc.) that track off of 50 year trail that up the difficulty of the ride. If you ride the upper loops, there is some really fun technical stuff, and a couple of decent climbs to get the lungs going. Do yourself a favor and ride the WHOLE LOOP! Don’t out and back this trail.

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