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Desert Classic Trail – South Mountain Park

A fun 18 mile out and back trail on the south side of South Mountain. This fast and rolling singletrack is for any skill of rider. The easy to modrate riding is mostly singletrack with rocky sections, short climbs and sand washes. On your way out, South Mountain will be on your right while the Chandler suburbs will be to your left. There are many other trails branching off to get sidetracked, but the trail… Read More »

Are You Confused About ‘What Size Bike Do I Need?

Make sure that you judge the right mountain bike sizing before purchasing a bike for you. Follow certain ageless techniques to determine the sizing and make mountain bike riding the most effortless sport for you. Deciding what size of mountain bike will be the perfect one considering your body size is perhaps the hardest thing to decide when buying a bike. Stop fretting about the kind of metal with which the frame is made or… Read More »

Corona Loma Trail – South Mountain Park

Yet, another ride for the full suspension riders. This trail is steep with high cliffs over the side of the trail. Big dropoffs, loose rocks, and deep ruts will give you a challenge down this one. I don’t recommend trying to ride up it. There is some very difficult climbing before the downhill starts. Directions: This one is not on the map, but it is there. You need to get to Buena Vista parking lot… Read More »

Javalina Canyon Trail – South Mountain

Great downhill ride! Almost all downhill. There are a couple of climbs to get back to the Pima Canyon Parking lot. I usually take the fire road up to the top of the trailhead and ride down from there.

Star Pass – Tucson, AZ

by Theillcracker Once parked, follow the Jeep trail to the edge of the state park. Once in the park, follow the trail for another 2 miles untill you reach a fork (This is the start of the loop). Stay left. After a few more miles, you will ride out of the park for about another mile or so. Be on the lookout for the trail on your right (this part can be tricky for first… Read More »

50 Year Trail – Tucson, AZ

by Matt The 50 year Trail is a great ride for a beginner or someone who isn’t looking to do much climbing. The trail is located at the base of the Catalina Mts off of Oracle Dr., Northeast of the city. There is a small entrance fee, but it’s worth a few bucks just to take in the beauty of the region and the Mt. Range. As the trail begins, you ride along the base… Read More »

Thumper Loop – Cottonwood

By Randy Victory The Thumper Loop, is actually comprised of portions of three trails: Raptor, Thumper, and Lime Kiln. The Raptor singletrack starts out rocky and rolling for about a quarter-mile, then a steep pitch, “the Evil Hill”, appears. This is a real tester, and just about everyone has occasionally pushed their bike up this one (although it can be ridden in the middle ring). But, it’s the steepest climb on the entire trail. After… Read More »

Trail 260 – Payson, AZ

27 miles east of Payson is trailhead 260. This is a great ride with awesome views. The ride starts out below the Mogollon Rim and climbs to the top of it. The climb is pretty tough and rough, but well worth the views and descent. I don’t recommend this ride to beginners, because of the climb and the possibility of getting lost. The trail isn’t marked very well in sections up on the Mogollon Rim… Read More »

Holbert Trail – South Mountain

Dawn your crash pads and full boinger for this one. This one is usually only shuttled, unless you want to hike back up the mountain 2 miles. Probably the most technical trail on South Mountain, Chris broke his hand and another friend broke an arm on this one. Get ready for huge drop offs, loose rocks and switchbacks with an abyss awaiting your mistakes. As always on South Mountain, watch out for hikers! Directions: Central… Read More »