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24-Hour Endurance Specialist Nat Ross Interview

© copyright June, 03 Stephen W. Medcroft (all rights reserved) Freak Skier turned Mountain Bike Pro — Nat Ross shows us how he succeeds in the world of 24-hour solo racing… I was blessed to be able to interview 24-hour endurance racer Nat Ross of the Gary Fisher / Subaru Mountain Bike Racing Team In March of this year for a piece in July’s Mountain Bike magazine. The focus of the Mountain Bike piece was… Read More »

The Addiction

© May, 2003 Scott Reading (all rights reserved) The author hammering the trail at Sea Otter Cycling poetry from Scott Reading Gravity provides Both the challenge and the fun Relaxation comes from Blue sky, cactus and the sun. Exertion and sweat Are invested in the climb But after going up Comes a descent so sublime! Twists and turns Rocks and rills Cliffs and jumps Mountains and hills. No problems and deadlines Customers totally mad No… Read More »

Mary Grigson Interview

© April, 2003 Stephen W. Medcroft (all rights reserved) This article first appeared on in 2003. On Recovery from Overtraining Five-time Australian national champion two-time American national series champion, Mary Grigson, also happens to be an accomplished nurse. Last year though, she failed to see the warning signs of fatigue that later snowballed into a spate of poor form and bouts of depression, where she seriously considered throwing the sport away. But as Stephen… Read More »

Night Riding

© copyright July, 01 Stephen W. Medcroft (all rights reserved) A version of this article first appeared in Silent Sports Magazine (published and distributed in Wisconsin) in 2001. At night, on my mountain bike, I live in a twenty-foot bubble of light. The world disappears into blackness at its border. The trails are empty except for me. How far the next hill climbs is of no immediate relevance. Nothing exists beyond the reach of my… Read More »

Jeremy Horgan Kobelski Interview

© April, 2003 Stephen W. Medcroft (all rights reserved) This article first appeared on in 2003. On the menatlity of racing and what it takes to be a champion With pork-chop sideburns and a deep cycling tan, U.S. Cross Country National Champion mountain bike racer Jeremy Horgan-Kobelski carries his lithe frame with a laid-back demeanor that betrays his Colorado roots. A Denver native from a family with three children (one brother one sister), everyone… Read More »

Jimena Florit Interview

© March, 2003 Stephen W. Medcroft (all rights reserved) Striving for Perfection Jimena Florit says her goal is to progress year over year and attain perfection at the art of her chosen sport, cross-country mountain bike racing. She almost got there in 2002, winning four out of five US National Championship series races. This represented a breakout year for the eight-year veteran mountain bike racer and former Olympian. But there’s more to come. With World… Read More »